Key to preparing children to find success in their future careers, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning builds skills that extend far beyond those needed in traditional science fields. Quality STEM experiences will empower your child to pursue varied interests, move into any industry with valuable skill sets and become a confident problem solver in any area of life.

Building Skills Through STEM Exploration

Hands-on STEM programs and activities teach more than science and mathematics concepts. They help your child discover real-world applications, spark their creativity and develop 21st-century skills including media and technology literacy, productivity, social skills, communication, flexibility and initiative.

STEM learning also promotes critical thinking, curiosity, persistence, decision-making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure and more. Regardless of your child’s career aspirations, these skill sets will go a long way in preparing them for their future.

Following an Innovative Path

Whether your child is drawn to traditional STEM programs or tends to gravitate toward other subjects, the skills they strengthen through STEM learning can be carried over into art, sports, baking, communication, entrepreneurship and so much more. By practicing creative problem solving and an innovative way of thinking, your child can have fun exploring a multitude of interests while applying key STEM concepts.

Did you know the Department of Defense states that more than 80% of jobs over the next decade will require STEM skills? That’s an overwhelming majority! When you visit its website, you might be surprised by the wide array of jobs that are considered STEM careers.

Equipped with STEM skills, your child could become a food scientist ensuring our health and safety; a technical writer communicating concepts behind the next wave of technology; a sound engineer helping to craft the next hit song; an automotive engineer transforming transportation as we know it; a wildlife biologist supporting habitat conservation; a video game programmer launching the next gaming sensation; an astronomer expanding our knowledge of the universe; or a psychologist advancing our understanding of ourselves.

Your child will see that there is no limit to what they could pursue or become – and that careers across all disciplines and interests can benefit from a creative mind and innovative spirit.

Inspiring the Next Generation

From summer camps to afterschool programs to at-home activities, there are so many opportunities to prioritize STEM experiences for your child as they explore their creative potential. Help them harness the power of play and hands-on STEM learning with our amazing and captivating The Spark Comic! 

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