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The SPARK Comic comes with inaugural first 6 issues, that contain fun hands-on science experiments, wrapped in a compelling story. Through brilliant and engaging storytelling and visually stunning illustrations The Spark is designed to captivate young minds and ignite their curiosity for science.

New comic issues are soon to be released!

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The main caracter of the comic book series, “THE SPARK” will lead you a world of amazing stories, intruiguing adverntures, valuable lessons, engaging education patterns and most importantly will enable you to perform real scientific experiments. Each comic contains a QR code which will bring parents and kids to a study guide, allowing a deeper dive into the experiments that our heroes used in the comic. Live the real stories with them!

Learning by doing. Dive a magical universe of new adventures.

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Suitable for after-school and preschool programs. Enjoy it at the comfort of your home as well.

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The Spark

The “THE SPARK” comic series is created by High Touch Entertainment Corp. – a company under the brand High Touch High Tech. Over the past 30 years, High Touch High Tech has become one of the best educational opportunities for young children serving over 16 million children globally each year with a engaging and captivating programs and camps.



Subscriptions are available and can include all supplies to perform the experiments from The Spark comic. Bring the joy of trying and performing all the scientific experiments on your own. Rates start at $10/issue and if you are interested to learn more about our subscrptions please contact us.

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A comic that captivates young minds and ignites curiosity for science.



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