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Enjoy and live all the captivating stories and fascinating science experiments together with the main characters, the horoes of those comic-book series. They always in mood for adventure and will bring to new worlds of knowledge and fun.

David Patel

The son of a brilliant scientist, David is used to a somewhat unusual life. All he wants is to form his own Science Club, get through the day generally unscathed, and maybe ask his classmate Lisa out on a date. But when he’s sent spiraling to a microscopic universe thanks to one of his mom’s kooky inventions, David’s life goes from somewhat unusual to outright bizarre.

Marta Martinez

Marta doesn’t have many friends her own age. Maybe it’s due to her insatiable love of learning, the fact that she rarely stops talking, or because she’s practically bursting with enthusiasm for nearly every task she undertakes. But whatever the reason her fellow 2nd graders don’t want to hang out with her, she’s found a friend in upperclassman David Patel, who comes to rely on her upbeat attitude to navigate their adventures in the Micro Universe.

The Spark

No one is exactly sure what type of lifeform the Spark truly is. All David and Marta know for sure is that he hails from the Micro Universe, is friendly if you offer him snacks, and seems to literally radiate inspiration. He’s a rare positive individual in a universe teeming with negativity.

The Anti-Spark

The leader of the seemingly evil Negatrons from the Micro Universe, the Anti-Spark is a negative force unlike anything our world has ever seen. Infecting whomever he crosses with negative energy, this hulking, corrupt king has set his sights on our dimension, whether we like it or not!


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