About Us

Not just a franchise.

A proven, profitable and value-adding partnership with a USA based, technologically-advanced franchise company in the educational services industry. Developing children since 1992.

Today, science education presented as a hands-on experience is very important for all children in every society and culture. Children are already part of a world where creative thinking, imagination, problem solving, collaboration and the ability to appreciate a variety of perspectives are crucial for both school and workplace success. These are all skills developed within our High Touch High Tech programs. 


Developing children around the world


Ever-growing since 1992


Operations in 12+ countries

“I love being in the classroom, I really enjoy it! I think the kids understand where I’m coming from because I teach with so much passion, I genuinely want their minds to open up to what I’m trying to teach. I love being in the classroom.” 

Seashell Shalini – High Touch High Tech of Santa Clara Count and South Bay, California


16 million kids served annually around the globe


360 Degree "Customer-centric" model


An ever-growing passion for education


One of the Best Educational Franchising Opportunities!

“As a parent, I see the need to support my children and give them the best education possible, and science is the most important part.” 

Lightning Liang – High Touch High Tech of China

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We believe in long-term partnerships.

What we believe in

We believe in the children’s curioisity and in your passion to develop it the best possbile way. With full training and extensive marketing and sales support, we will help you build a business that you can be proud of! A business that will make a lasting and valuable impact with your local community, area of nation. We provide all our franchisees with all the tools and support that they need to start, scale and expand their business operation.


A-Z Manual


Cutting edge Technology


Product Set and Marketing Tools


All the support you will need to start and grow

Our pholsophy

The High Touch High Tech (HTHT) Curriculum Development Teams is continuously researching, developing, and testing new programs and activities that keep our proprietary programs fresh while keeping teachers and students engaged year after year.

Over the past years, High Touch High Tech has become one of the best educational franchising opportunities. As the top science education franchise, we serve over 16 million children globally each year with a simple home-based business model.

Build a business with the full support of world’s top science education franchise serving over 16 million children annually.

Who will support you


High Touch High Tech franchisees don’t have just one general “Support Team” – we have five separate support teams, each with different skills and abilities to further your success! Our non-competitive, hands-on and remote learning programs meet the interest of the child as well as the expectations of parents and teachers.


Training Team


Staffing Team


Marketing Team


Technology Team


Curriculum Team

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Let’s continue writing our story together.

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